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The Next Level Membership

The Only Exclusive Mindset Membership You’ll Ever Need To Change Your Life & Business Forever. 

No Fluff –  Only To The Point Content Every Month!

Change Your Mindset – Change Your Life & Business

To the woman who is tired of playing small and wants it ALL in business and Life... This is for you!

I am here to tell you that you can have it ALL!

It’s TIME for your NEXT LEVEL!


Does this sound familiar to you?

You are holding yourself back in your life and business, not speaking your full truth, and dimming your lights because you were told that you were TOO MUCH… 

You’re frustrated AF that you feel your NEXT LEVEL but for some reason you can’t fully ri$e up and create the quantum leaps you want.  

You want quality over quantity and you KNOW that by being inspired every month and hanging out with the RIGHT crowd – you will become unstoppable. 

It's Time To Rise Up And Claim What Has Always Been Yours.

You were born to be EXTRAordinary, to stand out, to be a trailblazer in life and business, to break all existing barriers to success and money making while having the freedom to do what YOU want!

You are NOT BASIC!


Here's what's included in The Mindset Mastery Academy ...

2 Monthly Modules

Every month you’ll get access to 2 new modules around mindset, money, habits, self-image, identity, quantum leaping. It will be an audio around 10 – 15 minutes. 

Monthly Journal Prompts

We want you to reflect on and implement all the goodies that you are leaning in the academy. That is why you’ll receive 5- 7 monthly journal prompts 2 times a month to go even deeper and create amazing results.  

Exclusive Facebook Community

You will be invited into our exclusive Facebook Community where you’ll meet other high vibe high achieving ladies like yourself. 

Access To The Exclusive Library

As long as you are a member you’ll have access to all the earlier powerful NEXT LEVEL modules. 

Imagine What Would Happen If You Stopped Doubting Yourself And Started Believing In Yourself!
You Would Become Unstoppable!

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So, what will you get from being a member?

You Will Quantum Leap FAST

We will support you in quantum leaping into your next level of success with money and freedom to do what YOU want.

Bring back fun, flow and ease in your business

You will change your money mindset, overcome your limiting beliefs and live the life of your dreams & skyrocket your results in your business with ease – Let’s bring back fun, flow and ease in your biz!

Transform Your Life

When you change your mindset and your vibration (aka your MindBration®) – EVERYTHING on the outside will change for the better. There are NO limits to what you can achieve!

This is NOT for you if you like to be overwhelmed with content.
Our approach is LESS IS MORE
Quality Over Quantity!

Now I Finally know what works and how it works when it comes to manifesting my wildest dreams!

Monnique Artiqa

My goal when I met Miella was to quit my job and earn enough money from my business to have the freedom I wanted and now I have done that for 1.5 year making $10k months my new standard. 

Annette Nobel

After getting into Miellas world I have manifested money like crazy; $13,000, $32,000, and I have been able to pay off debt like never before. I love that I have access to it all as a member. 

Get Next Level Inspiration Every Month!
Only What You Need - Nothing You Don't
Select the right plan for you ...

Monthly Payment

Intro Price Until Sunday
$ 147 Monthly
  • 2 Monthly audios
    (1 every second week)
  • 2 x MOnthly Journal Prompts
  • Exclusive High Vibe Facebook Community
  • Access to earlier recorded modules (as long as you are a member)

Yearly Payment

Intro Price Until Sunday
$ 1,447 Annually
  • 2 Monthly Audios
    (1 every second week)
  • 2 x MONTHLY Journal Prompts
  • Access to earlier recorded modules (as long as you are a member)
  • BONUS Masterclass "Unlea$h"
  • BONUS Masterclass "Un$tuck"

The FAQs

2 times a month you’ll receive and audio (around 10 – 15 minutes) and 5-7 journal prompts for you to dive into. 

In the academy we focus on quality content rather than quantity. 

We believe in LESS IS MORE!

You have access to the library of earlier recorded modules as long as you are a member. 

If you stop your membership you lose access to all the content. 

You can cancel anytime – no question asked. 

You just send us an email at support@theacademyofmindsetmastery.com and we will cancel your subscribtion with love. You can also cancel directly in the membership area (after 3 months of commitment). 

Minimum commitment is 3 months because we want you to see the changes start happening in your life. After 3 months you can cancel anytime.