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Get Ready To Skyrocket Your Confidence In Only 21 Days!

So you can create the life of your dreams with NO holding back!

Imagine waking up energized and happy. 

Imagine believing in yourself. 

Imagine having success in ALL areas of your life and business.

Imagine achieving your wildest dreams with ease.

Confidence Is The Foundation for everything

To the woman who is always holding herself back, not speaking her full truth, and dimming her lights because she’s told that she’s TOO MUCH… I see you. I was you.

It’s Time For Change – I’m happy YOU are here!


Does this sound familiar to you?

You have been taught to be the “good girl”, the “nice girl” the “not too much” girl and you are sick and tired of holding yourself back. 

You know you can be more, have more and do more but for some reason you feel stuck and you don’t know where to start. 

You play small, hold yourself back, dimming your own lights because you think way too much about what other people might think of you. 

It's Time To Step Into The Most Confident Version Of Yourself!

You were born to be 100% YOU, embody your inner badass, be fully self-expressed and live your life on YOUR terms with no regrets. 

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Here's what's included in "Skyrocket Your Confidence In 21 Days" ...

21 days of inspiration

Every day for 21 days you’ll receive powerful information that will help you take your life and business to THE NEXT LEVEL.
It’s YOUR turn now. 

Daily Journal Prompts for 21 days

The daily journal prompts will help you step into the most confident version of yourself you have ever met so you can create your wildest dreams with ease.. 

Start With Day 1 Now.
This Is What You'll Learn:

Day 1

Building Up Your Confidence FAST,
so you achieve what you want NOW!

DAy 2

Letting Go Of The Old Boring Version Of You, so it’s not holding you back anymore. 

Day 3

The Important Difference Between Confidence And Self-esteem and why this will change EVERYTHING for you. 

DAy 4

Letting Go Of People Pleasing, so you can take your power back and  live your life on YOUR terms. 

Day 5

How To Protect Yourself Being Highly Sensitive In A Tuff World, so you can keep being energized and happy no matter what is going on. 

DAy 6

Self Worth Routines that will transform your life and business for ever and keep you ON TRACK easily. 

Day 7

Daily Habits That Builds Your Confidence and make you more happy, free and productive. 

DAy 8

Setting Boundaries and having high standards for everything in your life. You deserve to be treated like a queen. 

Day 9

The Power Of Body Language and how you can use your body language to attract more amazing things into your life. 

DAy 10

How To Handle The Fear Of Not Being Liked and how you can step into being 100 % YOU feeling free and loved. 

Day 11

How To Use Your Confidence To Speed Up Manifestations because I know you like SPEED. 

DAy 12

How To Shift When You Are Not Feeling Confident so you don’t waste another day holding yourself back – no more!

Day 13

How To Handle Your Inner Critique That Is Never Satisfied and tell it to f*ck off so you can be you unapologetically.  

DAy 14

Having The Mindset Of A Confident Person and how you can show up as that new POWERFUL version of you every day. 

Day 15

How To Stop Seeking Validation From The Outside and feeling good enough NO MATTER what other people think (this is truly freedom). 

DAy 16

The Inner Dialogue Of A Confident Person and how to always have this inner supportive dialogue. 

Day 17

Being Confident In Business and attracting clients, money and sales with ease while having fun doing what you love. 

DAy 18

Becoming Magnetic AF so you can attract EVERYTHING that you desire with ease while being more YOU!

Day 19

How To Handle When Other People Thinks You Are “Too Much” and how to never let this stop you ever again. 

DAy 20

The Power And Freedom Of Feeling Worthy and how this will take your life and business to a whole new level. 

Day 21

Stepping Into The Most Confident Version Of Yourself EVER…!
And never looking back again!

This is your NEW life with ALL that you are dreaming of!

Imagine What Would Happen If You Stopped Doubting Yourself And Started Believing In Yourself!
You Would Become Unstoppable!

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So, what will you get from investing in this course?

You will become more confident than ever

It’s time to let go of holding yourself back. It’s time to let go of your limiting beliefs. It’s time to go ALL in on being YOU.

Go From Feeling Flat To Feeling Energized

When you are confident in yourself forward momentum is a natural state. You will move forward in life with confidence. 

Achieve ANything you want

When you believe 100% in yourself ANYTHING is possible. What ever you want to achieve – you can do it!

I am Now Attracting The Most amazing opportunities, people and i feel more confident than ever

I was so sick and tired of holding myself back that I invested in this course. For years I have had big dreams but I never followed through because I was nervous about other people’s reaction. Now I just GO for it and the results are AMAZING!

Caroline Josh

I have SO much more energy now. I feel happy like never before. I trust myself and I feel confident and I receive compliments all the time and people asking “what happened with you?” For the first ever I truly LOVE myself. 

Josefin Jackson

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The FAQs

Every day for 21 days you’ll receive an email with link for the next days content. It will all be available inside the online portal. When you sign up you’l have access to day 1 and then from thereon a new day will be available every day for 21 days. 

It will be a mix of audios, videos, exercises, affirmations and journal prompts. 

You’ll have foreever access to the course and all future updates. 

Nope – this is a 100 % do it yourself course so you can focus on YOU and no one else. 

No she is not. If you want to have Miellas take on anything you need to sign up for The Academy Of Mindset Mastery Instead.